Mandø day tours

A day trip to Mandø, the small sister island of Rømø, with your own horse and Sarah as a guide.

Mandø day tours with Sarah

Riding in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. Mandø, the “Men’s Island”, can only be reached during low tide. We ride from the mainland to the island, around the island, to Koresand and then back to the mainland. This is an offer for private groups.

  • Bookable July and August.
  • Dependent on the tides, so only on certain days or times.
  • You are a group - we organize and guide your tour.
  • In the morning, we load the horses and set off. After three quarters of an hour, we arrive at the Ebbevej leading to the island of Mandø and can unload and saddle up there. We ride across the mudflats to Mandø (duration about 1 to 1.5 hours).
  • On Mandø, we will take a break to eat something. Then we ride around the island. At the next low tide (about 10 hours later), we return to the mainland via the Ebbevej.
  • If you have saddlebags, bring them along, because something to drink, a few tissues, and possibly rain gear would be a good idea. We pee in nature but take our paper with us, so bring a plastic bag.
  • Definitely pack your camera, because the ride is sooooo beautiful!
  • Duration: a full day; riding time about 6 hours, moderate pace.
  • We will organize everything and safely guide you through the mudflats and show you the island.
  • We will provide food and drinks and a paddock for the horses where they can rest.
  • We will take two breaks, after crossing the Ebbevej and before we ride back to the mainland.
  • Tour price incl. provisions (sandwich, water)
    Single person 195 €, single person with own horse 70 €.
    Groups please inquire.

Is this tour available without riding?

All our tours are also available for non-riding partners. Because on our island, there are great cycling paths. And with an e-bike, you can enjoy a relaxed ride while the riding group goes on their excursion. Additionally, we also offer introductory riding courses. Just ask us for more information!

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