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Helle Thomsen

The Team behind Wadden Sea Riding Tours takes horsebackriding to a new level.

Have you ever dreamed of Riding on the largest beach in Northern Europe? Do you want to experiencing the coast of the wild northsea and the marsh landscape of the Wadden Sea National Park? We will take you there, on the horseback or by foot. You will explore, you will be amazed and you will have a lot of FUN.

We've been offering horsebackriding for the last 20 years, mostley daytours – but our new concept is full of weekend and multiple day tour packages.

During our tours, it's not just about horseriding, it's also about being together, feeling good, slowing down, experiencing the danish hygge, and sharing the happiness of live.

We will do a lot of sightseeing as well. We have wild oysters to pick, bunkers from second world war to see, birds to watch and nice horses to ride.

We need a good team to create the best tours, so we have diligent helpers, good tour guides at the horse stable and national park guides for the sightseeing tours who all help out. So it may well be that you ride with one of the guides in the morning and go for a sightseeing tour in the afternoon with another one.

True lead

Pathway to the horses heart

Helle is True Lead Trained at the true lead academy of denmark. If you read the book Pathway to the horses heart – and to your own, written by Marianne Flormann and Mathilde Denning, you will know the meaning of beeing a True Lead.

The hole True-Lead training gives us a different kind of view in the daily life with horses. The daily handling is based on energy, trust, teamwork, and love.

Horses are incredibly intelligent beings, and the best collaboration arises when we work as a team. And thats why it is very importend to us to find a good match between the horse and the rider.

»Being True Lead means that you have found the power in yourself, that you have the courage to stand by yourself and that you are capable of mastering your own life, your emotions and your potentials. With this power you will be able to show the way for others – you are able to be an authentic leader. «

Marianne Flormann

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Helle Thomsen
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