Travel tips

What you should know about the tours. What else you can do on Rømø and in the surrounding area besides riding.

  • Participation in the tours is at your own risk.
  • The tours are for experienced riders. A certain level of fitness is required. Maximum weight for Icelandic riders: 90 kg.
  • Riders under 16 years of age only allowed with a legal guardian. Participants of the big tours must be of legal age.
  • Insurance: Please check whether you are adequately insured for the tours (e.g. travel health insurance, accident insurance, travel cancellation insurance). If necessary, take out missing/required insurances in good time before the tour starts.
  • Entry requirements for horses and dogs: Information on bringing horses, dogs, and other animals to Denmark can be found on the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ websites.
  • Tides: If you are walking in the mudflats or on the beach, please observe the tides.
  • Equipment/clothing for tours in DENMARK: Riding helmet is mandatory. Riding boots should also be suitable for the North Sea. Sweater, windbreaker, vest, rain gear, practical outdoor clothing in layers. If necessary, back protector. Bikini or swimsuit for a dip in the North Sea or in the whirlpool.
  • Equipment/clothing for tours in ICELAND: Long underwear, riding pants, rain pants, and jacket, preferably windproof, waterproof, and breathable, sweater, long undershirt, vest, riding boots (also suitable for river crossings), hiking boots. Riding helmet is mandatory. Warm socks, hat, gloves, sunglasses or wind protection glasses, fly net, Vaseline, blister plaster, headache tablets, earplugs, and sleep mask. Bikini or swimsuit for a dip in the hot pot or the Blue Lagoon. Flip flops and towel.
  • For ICELAND, it is particularly important to ensure that all riding clothes are clean and disinfected. Gloves and riding boots should be new if possible. Riding helmets must be disinfected, riding gear must be washed at a minimum of 60 °C. Please bring your own rain gear, as Icelandic gear is not breathable. The rain gear must also be in new condition. The consequences could otherwise be that everything is confiscated upon entry, and you would have to go on your riding holiday in Iceland without riding gear. Even worse are diseases that are introduced and that Icelandic horses could become ill and even die from. Iceland has an isolated location, and no horse that has ever left Iceland will return. Dogs must be quarantined for 2 months before they can be introduced. Icelanders are very vigilant when it comes to disease agents from other countries.
Havneby Kro Rømø

Inn & Restaurant
Havneby Kro

Here you can stay and dine excellently!

Zum Reiterhof Thomsen

Riding stable Thomsen

Forest and beach rides, horse rental, lead ponies, horse boarding.

Naturcenter Tønnisgård

Naturcenter Tønnisgård

Experiences for the whole family: Watt expeditions, bunker tours, creative shell art, shrimp fishing, amber polishing...

Drachenfest auf Rømø

Sightseeings, Events & Dates

Harbor, Captain's House, St. Clemens Church, Kite Festival, Rømø Motor Festival, Pers Awten (Biike), Ring Riding, Midsummer, Beach Parties ..



… is the oldest city in Denmark and has a beautiful old town with many shops, a Viking center and museum, an impressive cathedral, an old harbor, and a significant art museum.
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The small town near the border is known for its folk festival. It has a romantic shopping street with cafes, historic buildings with old doors, a lace museum, and a wedding paradise.
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Shopping on Rømø and the surrounding area

Reiterladen Hyldahl, Lakolk Butik Center, Ecco-Outlet in Bredebro, Den Gamle Købmandsgård (Supermarkt), Rømø Bageri (Bäckerei), Hattesgaard Cafe & Antik, der Hafenort Havneby, Dog In, …

Freizeitzentrum Skærbæk

Leisure center Skærbæk

Cafés, restaurant, bowling alley, swimming pool, sauna, fitness center, artist house, physiotherapy, indoor playground...
> skærbæ 

Wadden Sea
Riding Tours

Skansen 3
6792 Rømø-Havneby


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